BigSurv23 Data Challenge: Tackling Chronic Child Malnutrition

We are excited to introduce the BigSurv23 Data Challenge sponsored by REDNI, focused on addressing chronic child malnutrition through innovative data-driven solutions. Just as how previous BigSurv Data Challenges brought together teams to work on open data challenges, we aim to harness the power of data scientists, computer scientists, social scientists, and survey and big data experts from Ecuador and around the world to make a significant impact in the fight against child malnutrition in Ecuador.


Background Information:

The Challenge: Our goal is to combat chronic child malnutrition by leveraging data, insights, and digital tools. We want to understand the underlying factors contributing to this issue, identify at-risk populations, and develop strategies to improve the nutrition of affected children.

Data Sources: Participants in this data challenge will have access to a rich dataset provided by the sponsor institution, containing demographic information, nutritional data, and related information. You will also have access to survey data and other relevant sources.

The Teams: We will have multiple teams, each consisting of interdisciplinary participants who will collaborate to address specific aspects of the chronic child malnutrition challenge. Your team's composition will encourage diversity of thought and expertise.

Support from Experts: Throughout the data challenge, expert mentors in the fields of data science and nutrition will be available to guide and support the teams. Child nutrition experts, members of BigSurv23 scientific committee, USFQ professors, and data professionals will also be on hand to provide data expertise.

Presentation and Recognition: At the conclusion of the data challenge, each team will present their findings and proposed solutions to a panel of expert judges. Not only will this provide valuable exposure for your work, but the winning team will also have the opportunity to give a flash-talk during the BigSurv23 closing remarks.

Mentorsand Judges: We have assembled a distinguished group of mentors and judges, including nutrition experts from, members of the BigSurv Scientific Committee, experienced data scientists, and industry professionals.


1. A formal reward for the winner (1000 USD) and runner up (500 USD) will be awarded by the Data Challenge sponsor.

2. The School of Business of the USFQ will provide an academic recognition to the winners.

Application Process: If you're interested in participating in the BigSurv23 Data challenge, please apply directly via this link:


Participation in the Data Challenge is free of charge.

Important Dates:

- Application Deadline: October 13, 2023

- Notification of Acceptance: October 18, 2023

- Data challenge Dates: October 25, 11 am - October 26, 10 am

Location:  The data challenge will take place at the DaVinci Hall of Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ).

Refreshments: Lunch and coffee breaks will be provided.

Requirements: To participate, bring your enthusiasm, a personal laptop with relevant software (e.g., Python, R/R-Studio, Tableau), and a willingness to collaborate and innovate. WiFi will be available, and refreshments will be provided to keep your creative energy flowing.

Join us in this exciting data-driven challenge and contribute to the fight against chronic child malnutrition with the support of REDNI and the global data science community. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in children’s lives.

What we are looking for:

Blueprint of the Architecture and Data Flow: Participants are expected to provide detailed blueprints outlining the architecture and data flow for their proposed solutions. Describe how data will be collected, processed, and analyzed to tackle chronic child malnutrition effectively.

Methodology Sketches: Present sketches and outlines of the methodologies you plan to employ in the design and processing of data. Explain the techniques, algorithms, and statistical methods you intend to use to identify and combat malnutrition among children.

Realistic Demo: Participants should demonstrate a realistic implementation of their solution. This could include a prototype or proof of concept that showcases how your approach can make a tangible impact on addressing chronic child malnutrition. Real-world applicability and feasibility are key.

Implementation Outlook: Provide insights into how your solution could be practically implemented. Consider factors like scalability, sustainability, and integration with existing nutrition programs and initiatives supported by the sponsor institution.

Follow-up: Ideas on how to advance the DataNutriNet (Red de Jóvenes Analistas de Datos en contra de la Desnutrición Infantil)

Participants in this challenge will have the opportunity to collaborate with experts and access valuable resources to enhance their solutions.

By participating in this data challenge, you will contribute to a noble cause and potentially make a significant impact on the well-being of children affected by chronic malnutrition. We encourage creative and data-driven approaches that can lead to actionable insights and effective interventions in this critical area.

You can find the contest rules here:


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